Name Carries Habitat Can you befriend them
Slime Oil Furrowfield,Isle of Awakening Yes
Monsters show(4) 1563902449231
She-Slime Oil,Prickly Peach Furrowfield,Khrumbul-Dun Yes
Monsters show(5) 1563902449233
Metal Slime Silvery Sludge Khrumbul-Dun No
Monsters show(67) 1563902449039
Badboon Bark,Medicinal Shrub Seed Furrowfield No
Monsters show(68) 1563902449039
Maulusc Oil Furrowfield No
Monsters show(69) 1563902449039
Merlusc Kelp Furrowfield No
Monsters show(9) 1563902448946
Dracky Wood Furrowfield,Isle of Awakening No
Monsters show(6) 1563902449191
Drackolyte Potato Moonbrooke No
Monsters show(52) 1563902449301
Drackyma Potato Sprout Explorer's Shores No
Monsters show(6) 1563902449235
Drackmage Vineapple Khrumbul-Dun No
Monsters show(3) 1563902448993
Chimaera Medicinal Leaf Furrowfield,Isle of Awakening Yes
Monsters show(7) 1563902449191
Hocus Chimera Medicinal Leaf Moonbrooke Yes
Monsters show(63) 1563902448817
Cosmic Chimaera Medicinal Leaf, Flurry Feather Rimey Reef Yes
Monsters show(4) 1563902448993
Iron Ant Wheat Sead Isle of Awakening No
Army Ant Wheat Sead Furrowfield No
Monsters show(33) 1563902448726
Somnol Ant Bones,Frogstool Explorer's Shores No
Monsters show(5) 1563902448993
Ratscal Fur Isle of Awakening No
Monsters show(94) 1563902449286
Fat Rat - Explorer Shores No
Show (1)
Dirty Rat Fur,Wheat Leguna Perfuma No
Monsters show(6) 1563902448993
Crabid Crab Claw Furrowfield,Isle of Awakening,Moonbrooke No
Monsters show(9) 1563902449191
Crabber Dabber Doo Crab Claw Furrowfield,Moonbrooke No
Monsters show(48) 1563902449144
Handsome Crab Crab Claw Khrumbul-Dun No
Monsters show(71) 1563902449055
Muddy Hand Grass Seed Furrowfield,Isle of Awakening Yes
Monsters show(34) 1563902448726
Bloody Hand Acorn Explorer's Shores Yes
Monsters show(72) 1563902449055
Bodkin Archer Grass Seed Furrowfield,Isle of Awakening No
Monsters show(53) 1563902449301
Bodkin Fletcher Medicinal Leaf,Frogstool Explorer Shores No
Monsters show(16) 1563902448946
Bodkin Boyer Grass Seed,Leaves Furrowfield No
Monsters show(73) 1563902449055
Walking Corpse Night Soil Furrowfield,Isle of Awakening Yes
IMG 20190723 201958
Corpse Corporal Cord,Oil Moonbrooke Yes
Show (4)
Ghoul Night Soil,Potato Sprout Rimey Reef Yes
Monsters show(9) 1563902449008
Seaslime Seaslime Shell,Oil Furrowfield,Isle of Awakening,Moonbrooke No
Monsters show(7) 1563902449237
Shell Slime Oil,Lemotail Khrumbul-Dun No
Monsters show(10) 1563902448993
Healslime Medicinal Leaf Isle of Awakening Yes
Monsters show(10) 1563902449175
Man o' War Lemontail Furrowfield,Moonbrooke No
Monsters show(52) 1563902448772
Cumaulus Grass Fibre Furrowfield,Isle of Awakening No
Monsters show(8) 1563902449239
Hell NiÑo Oil Khrumbul-Dun No
Monsters show(11) 1563902449175
Freezing Fog Magic Crystal Moonbrooke,Rimey Reef No
Monsters show(75) 1563902449055
Orc Cabbage Seed Furrowfield No
Monsters show(21) 1563902448946
Orc King Tomato Seed,Sekaiju Leaves Furrowfield No
Show (5)
Deadnaut Bones Furrowfield No
Monsters show(9) 1563902449241
Chasmonaut Stone Khrumbul-Dun No
Monsters show(12) 1563902449175
Hargonaut Iron,Thunderbolt Blade,Grass Fibre Explorer's Shores No
Monsters show(23) 1563902448946
Gremlin Oil Moonbrooke No
IMG 20190723 203752
Grimlin Magi Crystal Moonbrooke,Rimey Reef No
Monsters show(76) 1563902449055
Treeface Sugar Cane,Acorn Explorer Shores No
Show (6)
Treevil Cherry Blossom,Coal Explorer Shores No
Monsters show(72) 1563902448694
Killerpillar Grass Fibre Explorer Shores No
Monsters show(58) 1563902449301
Illerpillar Frogstool,Medicinal Leaves Explorer Shores,Furrowfield(boss version) No
Monsters show(10) 1563902449221
Grillerpillar Cotton Khrumbul-Dun No
Monsters show(11) 1563902448993
Bunicorn Meat,Cotton Khrumbul-Dun,Moonbrooke,Isle of Awakening No
Monsters show(13) 1563902449175
Spiked Hare Meat,Cotton Moonbrooke No
Monsters show(12) 1563902449225
Scorpion Medicinal Leaves,Gladiolus Seed Khrumbul-Dun,Isle of Awakening No
Monsters show(13) 1563902449226
Iron Scorpion Medicinal Leaves,Coal Khrumbul-Dun No
Show (7)
Death Scorpion Frogstool,Iron Explorer Shores No
Monsters show(14) 1563902449226
Lunatick Medicinal Leaves Khrumbul-Dunm,Isle of Awakening No
Monsters show(15) 1563902449226
Raving Lunatick Medicinal Leaves Explorer Shores No
Monsters show(16) 1563902449226
Drohl Drone Grass FIbre,Frostool Khrumbul-Dun,Moonbrooke,Isle Of Awakening No
Show (8)
Drohl Diabolist Vile Vines Explorer Shores No
Monsters show(17) 1563902449226
Hammerhood Fur,Wood Khrumbul-Dun Yes
Monsters show(18) 1563902449227
Brownie Fur,Grass Fibre Khrumbul-Dun Yes
IMG 20190723 205102
Cannibox Medicinal Leaves Khrumbul-Dun No
IMG 20190723 205024
Mimic Medicinal Leaves Khrumbul-Dun No
Monsters show(19) 1563902449227
Muddy Box Slime Earth Khrumbul-Dun No
Monsters show(20) 1563902449227
Rocky Box Slime Stone Khrumbul-Dun No
Monsters show(12) 1563902448993
Obsidian Box Slime Earth Isle of Awakening No
Monsters show(58) 1563902448772
Dolomite Box Slime Stone Explorer Shores No
Monsters show(21) 1563902449227
Dancing Flame Coal Khrumbul-Dun No
Monsters show(14) 1563902449175
Frostburn Magic Crystal,Shaved Ice Moonbrooke No
Monsters show(22) 1563902449228
Funghoul Marshrooms Khrumbul-Dun No
Monsters show(23) 1563902449228
Morphean Mushroom Frogstool Khrumbul-Dun No
Monsters show(97) 1563902449114
Mushroom Mage Flumgus,Frogstool Explorer Shores No
Monsters show(13) 1563902448993
Dirty Dogu Stone Khrumbul-Dun No
Monsters show(38) 1563902448726
Pocus Poppet Pocus Poppet Statue,Hero Shield Explorer Shores No
Monsters show(39) 1563902448726
TerraCotta Warrior Stone,coffee Bean Explorer Shores No
IMG 20190723 210319
Magus - - No
IMG 20190723 210440
Shaman Grass Fibre Explorer Shores No
IMG 20190723 210343
Sorcerer Cotton,Wood - No
IMG 20190723 210512
Wrecktor - - No
IMG 20190723 210530
Whackolye Old Book - No
Monsters show(25) 1563902449228
Mischievous Mole Fur Khrumbul-Dun No
Monsters show(26) 1563902449228
Mad Mole Fur Khrumbul-Dun No
Monsters show(66) 1563902448818
Living Statue Evil Idol Explorer Shores Yes
Monsters show(40) 1563902448726
Stone Guardian False Idol,Evil Idol Explorer Shores Yes
IMG 20190723 211802
Skeleton Wood - No
IMG 20190723 211840
Skeleton Scrapper Stone - No
Monsters show(15) 1563902449175
Skeleton Soldier Iron,Coal Moonbrooke No
IMG 20190723 211853
Dark Skeleton - - No
Monsters show(27) 1563902449229
King Slime Medicinal Leaf,Oil,King Slime Lamp Khrumbul-Dun No
Monsters show(60) 1563902449301
Metal King Slime Metal King Slime's Crown,Sword of Kings Explorer Shores No
Monsters show(28) 1563902449229
Hood Seared Steak Khrumbul-Dun No
Monsters show(101) 1563902449086
Hoodium Superior Steak Khrumbul-Dun No
Monsters show(30) 1563902449229
Green Dragon Scaly Steak,Dragon Scale Moonbrooke No
Show (2)
Blue Dragon Scaly Steak,Dragon Scale Moonbrooke No
Monsters show(41) 1563902448726
Dread Dragon - - No
Monsters show(17) 1563902449175
Rocktomb Rokbomb Shard Moonbrooke,Khrumbul-Dun No
Monsters show(32) 1563902449230
Tyrantosaurus Scaly Steak,Dragon Scale Khrumbul-Dun No
Monsters show(61) 1563902448772
Axesaurus Scaly Steak,Dragon Scale Explorer Shores No
Monsters show(67) 1563902448818
Hacksaurus Scaly Steak,Dragon Scale Rimey Reef No
Monsters show(33) 1563902449230
Troll Wood,Fur Khrumbul-Dun No
Monsters show(61) 1563902449301
Boss Troll Vile Visage Explorer Shores No
IMG 20190723 211955
Hawk Man - - No
IMG 20190723 212136
Gargoyle - - No
IMG 20190723 212159
Knight Errant - - No
IMG 20190723 212220
Knight Aberttant Iron,Coal - No
Monsters show(62) 1563902448772
Knight Abhorrent Knight Abhorrent Statue Explorer Shores No
Monsters show(18) 1563902449175
Powie Yowie Cotton,Fur,Sponge Cake Moonbrooke Yes
Show (9)
Killing Machine Gold,Iron, Rimey Reef Yes
Monsters show(19) 1563902449175
Hunter Mech Iron Ingot,Gold Ingot,Falcon Blade. Rimey Reef Yes
IMG 20190723 214344
Gigantes - - No
IMG 20190723 214322
Cyclops - Moonbrooke No
Monsters show(20) 1563902449175
Silvapithecus Fur,Oil Moonbrooke No
Monsters show(70) 1563902448819
Batmandrill Fur,Oil Rimey Reef No
Monsters show(102) 1563902449264
Archdemon Zapphire,Gullotine Explorer Shores No
Monsters show(14) 1563902448993
Bubble Slime Frogstool Moonbrooke No
Monsters show(22) 1563902449175
Liquid Metal Slime Silvery Sludge Moonbrooke,explorer Shores Yes
Monsters show(23) 1563902449175
Stark Raven Cord,Coal Moonbrooke No
Monsters show(24) 1563902449175
Raven Lunatic Cotton,Coal Moonbrooke No
Monsters show(15) 1563902448993
Headhunter Meat,Oil Moonbrooke No
Show (10)
Berserker Meat,Oil,Berserker Statue Rimey Reef No
Monsters show(73) 1563902448819
Prestidigtator Grass Fibre Rimey Reef No
Monsters show(26) 1563902449175
Legerdeman Magic Crystal,Cotton Moonbrooke No
Monsters show(42) 1563902448726
Vis Mager Cotton,Manky Meat Explorer Shores No
Monsters show(74) 1563902448819
Bewarewolf Fur Moonbrooke,RImey Reef No
Monsters show(75) 1563902448820
Scarewolf - Moonbrooke,RImey Reef No
Monsters show(27) 1563902449175
Tearwolf Fur,Medicinal Leaf Moonbrooke No
Monsters show(16) 1563902448993
Ghost - Isle of Awakening (no sleep) No
Monsters show(104) 1563902449264
Fightgeist - Explorer Shores (no sleep) No
Monsters show(17) 1563902448993
Spitegeist - Isle Of awakening (no sleep) No
Monsters show(102) 1563902449086
Golem Golemite,Cantlin Shield Explorer Shores Yes
Show (11)
Stone Golem Big Rock,Stone Floor Explorer Shores Yes
Monsters show(51) 1563902449144
Gold Golem Gold brick,Crash Cart Explorer Shores Yes
Monsters show(18) 1563902448993
Bag o' Laughs Cotton Explorer Shores No
Monsters show(104) 1563902449086
Goodybag Goodybag Statue Explorer Shores No
Monsters show(48) 1563902448868
Great Sabrecub Fur,Salmon Explorer Shores Yes
Monsters show(77) 1563902449055
Great Sabrecat Great Sabrecat Statue Explorer Shores Yes
Monsters show(52) 1563902449144
Merman - Explorer Shores No
Monsters show(53) 1563902449144
Mermaniac Auroral Armour,Red Snapper Explorer Shores No
Monsters show(54) 1563902449144
Merking Gold,Broken Throne Explorer Shores No
Monsters show(19) 1563902448993
Sekerleton - Isle of Awakening (no sleep) No
Monsters show(26) 1563902448946
Spirit - Isle Of Awakening (no sleep) No
Monsters show(27) 1563902448946
Brainy Badboon - Furrowfield No
Monsters show(35) 1563902449230
Medusa - Khrumbul-Dun No
Monsters show(29) 1563902449175
Atlas - Moonbrooke No
Monsters show(2) 1563902448663
Malroth - - No
Monsters show(3) 1563902448663
Hargon - - No
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